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Aoife Wolf is a singer-songwriter from County Offaly. Her music blends elements of folk and alt-rock with lyrical content that draws on surrealism to translate the tangled world of the human mind.

Having grown up among largely isolated farm and bogland in Co. Offaly, a childhood spent roaming fields alone, allowed her to explore the limits of her vocal range and cultivate her writing style.

Aoife has been influenced by the musical stylings of Jefferson Airplane, Kate Bush and Pj Harvey.

Her powerful debut single 'I and the Ocean' produced by Julie McLarnon was released on Analogue Catalogue Records in March 2020, accompanied by a music video collaboration with award winning film maker Myles O’Reilly.

'Aoife Wolf delivered a powerful and emotional set. It touched on the dark corners of indie folk music, edging on harder rock with fuzzy guitars and feedback. I was especially blown away by her unique voice, which would start at a sultry, deep register and build up to an intense belt. During a chorus toward the end of her set, she sang so intensely that I could genuinely feel every hair on my body stand up.' - Hot Press

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